The Owner

Mario Gutierrez opened the shop in 2012, but his expertise in both art and coffee was developed far beforehand. Prior to the shop's opening, he collected art for 30-40 years and has multiple artists in his family. Until the shop's opening, he brewed coffee primarily to please himself but still settled for nothing less than the highest quality. Now, he can bring his fine tastes in art and coffee to you.

The Coffee

Our delicious coffee is locally roasted by Blazing Beans Roasters, a artisan coffee roaster based in Clearwater, FL. That means that the coffee here will always be extremely fresh. The coffee beans are imported from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ethiopia, Peru, Mexico, and Uganda, to be then roasted nearby and sent to our store. With such great resources, it's no wonder we won Best Iced Coffee in Tampa Bay Magazine's "Best of the Bay 2013."

The Art

Most galleries sell space in their shop to artists who then display selected works in the space. Unlike those galleries, Art Smart Coffee and Art is curated by the owner. The various sculptures, paintings and other crafts were all purchased at auctions, so there is nothing in the shop that we don't think is worth buying.

Mandala Classes

Megan Orlofske is a local artist who specializes in painting mandalas. A mandala is a circle which represents the potential for unity and harmony within us and our relationships. During the class, we use the mandala as a tool to re-connect with the heart of the creative process by acting as a "vessel" for our abstract thoughts to communicate *through* us, rather than from us! Learn More/Sign Up Here!

See how we invest in the local artists of our community, with the addition of TWO murals which grace our building, and provide a nice, new view for those enjoying a stroll on the pinellas trail.